What is EYP

Discover Europe, the EU, and other cultures. Through EYP, 20.000+ European students debate, discuss, and train together.
In cooperation with schools, participants meet industry leaders from the corporate and policy world, and build life-skills and friendships. And have a great time doing so.
What makes EYP one of Europe's largest and best youth NGOs? Read on...

EYP for schools

Take part in an EYP session with your school. Make friends, discover Europe, and learn cool new things. A great form of non-formal education, recognised as a "Maatschappelijke Stage".

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EYP NL Alumni

Welcome to the new EYP.nl! So you’ve become an alumnus, now what?
Don’t worry. Find all you need to know about new events, tips on applications, and becoming an even better EYP’er right here.