The EYP hosts a plethora of different events, both on national and international level. When first entering EYP with your school delegation, it would be at one of the several preliminary rounds. From there on, if selected, you go to other national and international sessions.

The different types of sessions are:

Preliminary Rounds

The Preliminary rounds of EYP NL are where the fun starts for most people attending EYP. These are usually one-day sessions organised at High-Schools, this year however we will also have an extended Prelim, but more on that later. When a school delegation applies, they can send in their preference for which session they want to attend through this page. Then the school will be updated on the logistics of the day, moreover, the delegation will receive a resolution booklet and an assigned committee to defend. During the session, the delegation will defend this resolution the best they can during General Assembly. For more info on the different elements of a session klik here.

This year, we will also have one Prelim consisting of 2 days. Here, the students will be sleeping in the school for one night and will be writing their own resolution on the first day, and defend it in General assembly on the second day.

National Selection Conference

If your school gets selected at a Prelim, your school delegation gets invited to join a 4 day EYP event somewhere in the Netherlands. This event is much bigger then the Preliminary rounds and breaks up the original school delegations in different committees, so that everyone is working with people they mostly don’t know. In these 4 days, the first day will consist of Teambuilding, the next two of Committee Work, so the writing of a resolution to a motion, and the last day will be a General Assembly in which the resolutions will be discussed. At this conference, the best students wil be selected to represent EYP The Netherlands at one of the International Sessions.

International Session

Every year, three International sessions are being organised in different places in Europe, one in Spring, Summer and Autumn. The delegates selected at the NSC to go to the International session will either visit the Spring or Autumn IS the same year. The international Session in Summer is up for open application by any alumnus of EYP The Netherlands, that is anyone who has ever attended Nationals. These ten-day sessions are truly one of a kind, with pupils coming from all over Europe to exchange ideas on the topics at hand.

International Forum

At the National Selection Conference, not only the best individuals can get selected, but also the best school delegation as a whole, these will then be invited to attend an International Forum somewhere in Europe. These sessions usually range in size between 3-6 day and also feature a wide variety of international delegates.


Not selected at Nationals? No worries, individual calls for sessions open up all the time, and as an alumnus of EYP NL you are eligable to apply for these positions yourself!