8 Feb 2018

Utrecht 2018 | 18th National Selection Conference

Arne van Rooijen Project Manager Bente Beaudine Rijnbende Project Manager The beautiful city of Utrecht will host the 18th National Selection Conference of EYP The Netherlands, bringing together 100 delegates from all over the country to discuss issues related to the session theme “Towards a sustainable Europe, embracing innovation.”

13 Jan 2018

Zundert | Extended Preliminary Round

As the birth place of Vincent van Gogh and the location of the spectacular annual bloemencorso, Zundert will also be home to one of our Extended Preliminary Rounds this year. The aim of the session is to provide the participants with an engaging and stimulating experience in discussing current European issues and in developing their social and academic skills.

15 Oct 2018

Rotterdam 2018 | The 88th International Session of the European Youth Parliament

Taking place in one of the most international metropoles of The Netherlands, the IS in Rotterdam will be home to almost 300 international delegates and officials. Currently, a group of six volunteers between the age of 18 and 22 have started to prepare for this project.

25 Nov 2017

Hoorn | Extended Preliminary Round

The purpose of the Extended Preliminary Round in Hoorn is to create a perfect balance between raising awareness on European politics and crossing comfort zones. We strive towards an atmosphere where participants will discover new sides of not only themselves, but also of others. This requires inclusivity, diversity and active attitudes all coming together in the vibrant city of Hoorn.