Although every type of EYP session has its own unique atmosphere and characteristics, there are a few elements of a session that you will find wherever you go. These are Teambuilding, Committee Work, and the General Assembly.

Teambuilding is based on the idea that the fastest way to create a bond between people is to have them solve problems together. An experienced EYP’er, the chairperson, will lead a group of delegates through a series of games and puzzles. They start off easy by learning each other’s names, but the games quickly grow more challenging. These intense tasks put the delegates’ cooperative, creative and communicative skills to the test, preparing them for the more academic orientated discussions of Committee Work. Getting to know someone can take years, but Teambuilding often results in making friends for life.

Committee Work is based on the idea that even the most difficult process becomes easy to handle if you break it down in small chunks. Under the guidance of their chairperson, the committee will try to build a solid understanding of the topic, brainstorm the problems, solutions and facts related to the topic, discuss which direction they want to take, and ultimately agree on which concrete measures they feel should be taken. These agreements are compiled in the form of a resolution, such as employed by the European Parliament. This process is of course heavily dependent on the research the delegates have done, which is why we recommend the prep-kit or an in-school workshop prior to the session.

General Assembly is based on the idea that structure is key for a fruitful debate. In order to elaborate on and understand the different Europe related topics, the GA is structured like a plenary session of the European Parliament. Under guidance of the President, all committees and chairpersons will sit together. Each resolution is first defended in a speech, then attacked and debated for about 45 minutes. After a short summation, the delegates vote on whether the resolution should pass. This way, every resolution receives equal attention, and every delegate gets a chance to speak up. The resolutions that are passed are then shared with members of the European Parliament and other relevant parties. The people involved in the session go home with a deeper understanding of the EU, an elevated feeling, improved communicative skills, and many new friends.

If you want to experience a session for yourself, you can sign up now for the Preliminary Rounds of 2014 -2015. If you have any questions, please contact us.