Ede & Wageningen 2019 | Regional Selection Conference

EYP the Netherlands organises four (4) Regional Selection Conferences each year. These are the start of the EYP-journey for Dutch participants. The very first Regional Selection Conference of 2019-2020 will take place in Ede & Wageningen, during the weekend of 9 and 10 November.

The Regional Selection Conferences are two days long. All participants gather in their chosen working group called a committee, consisting of 6 to 8 people from various schools. On Saturday morning there will be Teambuilding activities through which participants get to know each other. In the afternoon, the delegates discuss a European issue in their group, coming up with possible solutions. Saturday evening includes a cultural program: Eurovillage, during which the delegations will eat traditional food and drinks from different European countries. The participants spend the night and the next day, on Sunday, reunite in a large debate. During this General Assembly, all groups present and discuss their motion for a resolution, which passes through a debate and a voting procedure.

Head Organisers and Conference Theme

This particular event will be led by two young project managers, Saskia van Berloo and Alisha Dijkerman. “We have three main pillars on which our session rests: participant welfare, sustainability, and the incorporation of Wageningen into the session. We chose these as we want all participants to have a good opportunity to develop, to reduce the carbon footprint of the session, and to give attention to the mentality present in Wageningen.

To facilitate participant welfare, all participants should get the opportunity to get enough sleep and be able to have proper breaks. We would also like to encourage inter team bonding by having buddy groups, in which the officials will be able to discuss their experiences during the session with members of different teams in an informal environment. For delegates, we want to ensure they are entertained during the resolution typing phase as well, as usually this is when they lose their immersion in the session and they get bored.

As many other sessions have aspired to, we would like to ensure our session is as sustainable as possible. We plan to do this via traditional routes such as reducing the use of paper and using biodegradable materials. However, we would like to expand this to include the topic of food waste. We plan to use as much food as possible that would otherwise go to waste, and will collaborate with partners and initiatives that actively try to reduce food waste. Moreover, we will donate any food we have left over to foodbanks.

Wageningen is famous for its university, but in many other aspects of the city the same mentality and focus is present. There are many companies that are innovative in both sustainability and food, an important issue in the EU. The municipality is also governed by a green party, setting up ambitious sustainability goals for the city. Most importantly however, the attitude of the people in the city reflects this focus as well. We want to transfer this mentality into the session as well.”

Conference logo

The logo for the event is a wheel wrapped in vines. The wheel is the logo of the municipality of Wageningen. It depicts a ‘wagenwiel’. The plants symbolise the focus on agrarian research by the Wageningen University and the consequential association of the city with nature. 

The Regional Selection Conferences are supervised by the Secretary of EYP the Netherlands, Tom Cobbenhagen.  For questions concerning this event please consult our Secretary through tom.cobbenhagen@eyp.nl or consult the Head Organisers (saskia.van.berloo@eyp.nl | alisha.dijkerman@eyp.nl)