Hoorn 2019 | Regional Selection Conference

EYP the Netherlands organises four (4) Regional Selection Conferences each year. These are the start of the EYP-journey for Dutch participants. The second Regional Selection Conference of 2019-2020 will take place in Hoorn, during the weekend of 23 and 24 November.

The Regional Selection Conferences are two days long. All participants gather in their chosen working group called a committee, consisting of 6 to 8 people from various schools. On Saturday morning there will be Teambuilding activities through which participants get to know each other. In the afternoon, the delegates discuss a European issue in their group, coming up with possible solutions. Saturday evening includes a cultural program: Eurovillage, during which the delegations will eat traditional food and drinks from different European countries. The participants spend the night and the next day, on Sunday, reunite in a large debate. During this General Assembly, all groups present and discuss their motion for a resolution, which passes through a debate and a voting procedure.

Head Organisers and Conference Theme

This particular event will be led by two young project managers, Sam van Ravenschot and Stan Brouwer.

“Since we first attended a Regional Conference in Hoorn, we have both been dreaming of organising a session at our own school. As we attended and reflected on more conferences we noticed that EYP is about more than just Committee Work and General Assembly; EYP is about the experience. Our aim is to make Hoorn 2019 a session where everyone is free to let their voices be heard and develop personally, academically and socially. As most delegates will be first-timers, we find it very important to make everyone feel safe and comfortable and to give every participant the opportunity to experience everything that EYP can offer them. We believe that a hard working officials’ team that is dedicated to perfecting every second of the session is crucial to achieve these goals.

We both agree that there is nothing as important as having a great time at a session. We both value welfare, comfort, fun and the ability to learn in a ‘relaxed’ environment among all participants above anything. Making sure the mainly first-time delegates go home feeling like they have had an amazing weekend and that their opinions matter is our top priority. Good and productive work can only take place when everyone is feeling good. We want to satisfy the needs of all participants by, for example, providing proper and varied food and creating a well thought-out schedule that allows for getting some rest when needed.

Lastly, we want to aim for a session where academics and fun are perfectly balanced. We want to create a challenging and educational environment that focuses on the development of all participants with regards to their knowledge on and involvement within the EU, but also on personal and social level. We want to create a space that is educational for both officials and delegates with their personal welfare always in mind.

In short, our ideal ‘Hoorn 2019’ would be a session that is planned perfectly yet able to adapt to everyone’s individual needs, a session that makes first-time delegates feel comfortable and motivated within EYP, a session that makes it possible for experienced participants to further develop as much as possible and a session that can serve as an example for any future EYP session with regards to participants’ welfare.”

Conference logo

The logo for the event is a horn, which is also the logo of the municipality and literally the name of the town hosting this Regional Session. There are many myths to the origin of the name, of one them being that the city Hoorn was named after the stepson of a Frysian king, named Hornus.

The Regional Selection Conferences are supervised by the Secretary of EYP the Netherlands, Tom Cobbenhagen.  For questions concerning this event please consult our Secretary through tom.cobbenhagen@eyp.nl or consult the Head Organisers (sam.van.ravenschot@eyp.nl | stan.brouwer@eyp.nl)