So you went to a National Selection Conference of EYP The Netherlands? Well, congratulations to you! You are now an official alumnus of EYP The Netherlands, which means that you are now eligible to apply as a delegate or official to all kinds of EYP sessions around Europe! Here is a list of platforms, including links, to join to keep in touch about upcoming events and possibilities to continue.

The EYP members platform

This is an online platform where you can find all upcoming calls for EYP events. But moreover, you can create your own profile, add session history and even apply through the platform. Other useful EYP information is also gathered here such as a teambuilding game database and all kinds of guides to help you become a better chair or journalist.

The “EYP NL Alumni” Facebook group

Here all info and updates can be found concerning EYP NL, this includes the applications for all our Dutch EYP sessions. The board will also occasionally post the latest news up here, including the EYP social events!

The “sessions!” Facebook group

This is an international EYP Facebook group in which people share calls for EYP sessions. If you are interested in going to other countries to experience EYP (which is highly recommended), this is the place to be.

The EYP NL newsletter

Scroll to the bottom of the page to sign up for our newsletter to get first hand updates from the board!