Every year, over three hundred students take part in Dutch EYP sessions. Some join because they want to practice their debating skills, or because they want to feel more comfortable when speaking English. Some want to learn about politics and the EU, others are excited to learn in a different environment than the classrooms they are used to. Regardless of their reasons to join, they always leave their EYP event with more than what they arrived with. Here’s why:

• EYP helps you gain and develop valuable life skills
Taking part in an EYP session will help you develop skills that you can use in school, university, your working life and everything else. First of all, you’ll practice discussing ideas in English, strengthening your confidence, forming your opinions and your ability to express them. Secondly, you’ll gain experience in teamwork and cooperating as you have to find and agree to a solution to a European issue together. Thirdly, you’ll learn how to structure speeches and deliver ideas in debates, improving your skills in public speaking. Last but not least, throughout the process, you will gain a lot of practical knowledge about the EU and decision-making on national and international levels.

• EYP helps you connect to your society
In EYP, you will learn about the European society and identity but you will also scrutinise your own. You’ll get to understand what matters in Europe and what problems the EU is facing, and why member states don’t always agree with each other. In no time, you’ll be able to investigate and explain complicated European matters.

• EYP helps you discover Europe
For such a small part of the world, Europe harbours a great variety of languages, cultures and habits. By becoming a part of EYP, you will meet people from all over the continent and learn how their cultures are similar to or different from your own. Try their food, learn a new word or two and – more importantly – make friends for life.

• EYP helps you complete your “Maatschappelijke Stage”
Besides all these long-term benefits, joining EYP also helps you immediately: participating in an EYP session is a recognised “Maatschappelijke Stage”.

The European Youth Parliament is a tried-and-tested, much loved type of non-formal education. If you’re a student or teacher and you like the sound of this, sign up now with a school delegation and live the EYP experience yourself. Not in school? Your organisation or company can help us too.