Not sure what to expect of your first EYP session? We’ll tell you all you need to know.

Your first EYP experience will most likely be a Preliminary Round. A Preliminary Round is a mini-session, where 4-8 school teams discover the main elements of a regular EYP session in one action-packed day (drinks, snacks, lunch and dinner included). You will meet your fellow EYP’ers during Teambuilding and defend your ideas during the General Assembly. At the end of the day, the jury will invite one school team to go to our National Selection Conference, based on specific criteria. After all Preliminary Rounds have ended, several additional schools will receive a wildcard to attend the National Selection Conference.

The Preliminary Rounds exist for you to get a taste of EYP and for us to select school teams for the National Selection Conferences. The format of the prelims puts an extra emphasis on practicing your English and public speaking skills, but don’t forget that it’s more important to show us how excited and dedicated you are too!

If you’ve signed up already and want to prepare well, have a look at the special prep-kit we’ve made. If you’re not sure about joining yet, or if this is your school’s first time participating in EYP, we’d be very happy to arrange a short workshop for you at your school. These workshops are free of charge, apart from the trainer’s travel expenses. You can also read up on our previous events or simply contact us with all your questions.

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