Your first EYP experience will be a Preliminary Round, for which you can register a team of up to eight pupils per high school. We offer two kinds of Preliminary Rounds this year: The regular one-day Preliminary Rounds in Delft and two in Amsterdam, and the Extended Preliminary Rounds (EP) in Hoorn and Zundert. These Extended Preliminary Rounds are two days long and require the pupils to sleep at the session for a night. The registration for the 2017-2018 Preliminary Rounds is open, so please sign up your school delegation through this page. For one of the regular Preliminary Rounds the early participation fee is €180 (one-hundred- and-eighty euros) if you sign up before the 15th of September. After this date the participation fee will be €200 (two-hundred euros). If you wish to participate in one of our Extended Preliminary Rounds, the early participation fee is €275 (two-hundred- and-seventy- five euros), and after September 15th it will be €300 (three-hundred euros). We also offer free EYP workshops given by a team of our volunteers in which the practical workings of an EYP session and the basics of how to prepare for one are explained. These workshops are very suited for schools that are participating in EYP for the first time or for schools that have participated before but still feel unsure about their level of understanding. Additionally we offer Understanding Europe workshops, which are also free of charge. You can find more information on the Understanding Europe project on their page above.
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