There’s always a way you and your organisation can help us. We will integrate your support or services as best as possible, bearing in mind the unique characteristics of your organisation in mind.

We can always use help with organisation of our events throughout the year, which can be in the form of food, transport and/or accommodation. We are also happy to receive a a financial donation, for which we will find the best possible use so that it may produce the best results. Besides basic necessities, we warmly welcome contributions from experts, whether it’s by giving a speech during the General Assembly or sharing insights from a professional background concerning the topics we discuss during Committee Work.

More than anything we welcome new ideas, so if you come up with a fantastic way we can help each other out, please let us know. Especially if it involves introducing you and your organisation to our participants.

Get in touch and we’ll be happy to set it up. Every little bit of help is welcome, and we are very eager and motivated to make things work.