Regional Selection Conferences

What are the Regional Selection Conferences?

Please note that there has been a name change from Extended Preliminary Round to Regional Selection Conference. The format remains the same.

Your first EYP experience will be a Regional Selection Conference (RSC). The Regional Selection Conferences are two days long:

On Saturday, all participants will start with some introductions of the volunteers and a few games to break the ice. Then, they will gather in their committees, which have been allocated beforehand. There, they will get to know their fellow committee members through name-games, icebreakers and problem-solvers. After lunch, they will dive into the topic they have prepared beforehand, to come up with solutions together for the problem stated. In the evening, the students will enjoy a dinner they have prepared in their school delegations, each school representing a different country through food and non-alcoholic drinks. All participants will sleep in the school that night.

On Sunday, the participants will gather for a day of debates. Each committee presents the resolution they came up with in Saturday, followed by a debate in which everyone can voice their opinion on the topic. During this, a few speeches will be held. At the end of each debate, all students will vote on the resolution. The day is concluded by a Closing Ceremony, where a few short speeches will be held and the event is officially closed.

At our Regional Selection Conferences, students can be selected to participate in the National Selection Conference. This event follows the same format as our Regional Selection Conferences, but lasts for four days, leaving more time for every element. Students will stay in a hostel during the event. More information on our National Selection Conference for this year can be found on the event page.

After participating in one of our Regional Selection Conferences, all students become Alumni of EYP the Netherlands. With this status, they are able to participate in all conferences organised by our international network, both as a delegate and as volunteer. They are also welcome at all events organised by EYP the Netherlands, such as Alumni Weekends and the Christmas Dinner. Participants will receive more information about their options after the Regional Selection Conferences.

Are you curious what happens at a Regional Selection Conference? Watch the video below to get an impression of the atmosphere and activities!

How can I sign up?

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