Haarlem 2018 | Extended Preliminary Round

EYP the Netherlands organiser four (4) Preliminary Rounds each year. These are the start of the EYP-journey for Dutch participants. The third Extended Preliminary Round of 2018-2019 will take place in Haarlem, during the weekend of 30 November and 1 December.

The Extended Preliminary Rounds are two days long. All participants gather in their chosen working group called a committee, consisting of 6 to 8 people from various schools. On Saturday morning there will be Teambuilding activities through which participants get to know each other. In the afternoon, the delegates discuss a European issue in their group, coming up with possible solutions. Saturday evening includes a cultural program: Eurovillage, during which the delegations will eat traditional food and drinks from different European countries. The participants spend the night and the next day, on Sunday, reunite in a large debate. During this General Assembly, all groups present and discuss their motion for a resolution, which passes through a debate and a voting procedure.

The event will be organised by two young project managers, Dorith Blijleven and Bente Vissel. Their vision focuses on inclusion and diversity: “Our session will take place in Haarlem, a beautiful historical town, with a somewhat medieval character. Not too big, but with all facilities, it is a perfect town for one of the Dutch Preliminary Rounds! We aim to have an inclusive session, that establishes and maintains an equal relationship between officials and delegates. We want to make the diversity of delegates feel included and an integral part of the session. Furthermore, we want to stretch this inclusion to the officials team, to establish not four separate teams, but one unity, working closely together to make this session an unforgettable experience for both delegates and officials. We aspire efficient communication between the teams, and will have extensive inter-teambuilding.”

The logo for the event represents a famous windmill and was designed by our Head of Design, Sofie de Jong. For centuries Windmill “De Adriaan” was one of the most stunning windmills in Holland and a distinctive part of the Haarlem skyline. When it burned in 1932, a central focal point of the city was lost. It took seventy years for the efforts of local citizens to rebuild the mill, into what it is today.

The Preliminary Rounds are supervised by the Secretary of EYP the Netherlands, Jarne van der Poel. For questions concerning this event please consult our Secretary through voorrondes@eyp.nl or consult the Head Organisers (dorith.blijleven@eyp.nl | bente.vissel@eyp.nl)