Extended Preliminary Rounds

What are the Extended Preliminary Rounds?

Your first EYP experience will be an Extended Preliminary Round. The Extended Preliminary Rounds are two days long: on saturday there will be activities and discussions on European issues. All participants have dinner together and spend the night at school. On sunday there is a general debate where everyone presents their ideas through speeches and debate.

Are you curious what happens at a Preliminary Round? Watch the video below to get an impression of the atmosphere and activities!

How can I sign up?

You can register as an individual participant, or as a team of six to eight pupils per high school. All participants are divided into equal teams before the event. The early participation fee for a school delegation is €275 (two-hundred- and-seventy- five euros), and signing up after September 21st will be €300 (three-hundred euros). For an individual participant, the participation fee is €40 (fourty euros).
The locations and dates for the Extended Preliminary Rounds of 2018-2019 are:

  • Hoorn: 10-11 november
  • Breda: 24-25 november
  • Haarlem: 1-2 december
  • Delft: 12-13 januari

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Please choose a different date than stated at your first preference.